Audrey Searcy

Birthday: November 24

Hometown: Atwater, California

How long have you been with Salvadori Realty? 24 years

How long have you been a Realtor (or in Real Estate): 30 years

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What do you want to be when you grow up?  An architect.What are you famous for?  Work and personal family parties.

What superpower would you like to have (and why)? ESP - So I already know what people are thinking and use it to enhance a situation or perhaps change or correct info for more positive outcomes.

What would you say your biggest accomplishment is?  Ryan Searcy and Michelle Searcy.

All-time favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz.

Anything else you’d like to tell the world? I care! I love Real Estate because I can help people get into or out of the property with the least amount of stress and assist them with my expertise in the REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY!